Maddox Photography

Shooting since early 60's. 

My experience started by shooting Girls during Spring Break in my home town of Palm Springs, California. 
4 weeks of constant New Girls to shoot. 
As the years went by and I got older I started shooting girls for fun and publication. 
Then I entered the Adult World for several years as it was very profitable ... especially during the 80's and 90's with the Online world. 
My Marketing skills grew  over the years and I eventually  turned to Marketing due to demand to help others. 
My Photography has taken me to Amazing Places. 
From Celebrities to Porn Stars to Playmates ..
I have shot at places including the Playboy Mansion and the Bunny Ranch. just to name a few. 
I have traveled to other countries doing photo shoots. 
Due to injuries over the last few years  my photography has taken a back seat to my health. 
For over a year I couldn't use my right hand ... And guess what .. cameras aren't made for the left hand. 
I didn't think I was ever going to be able to shoot a camera again. 
Two years later my paralysis is gone and my hand is like new. 
But Marketing on the Internet has taken up most of my time and interest. 
Now I am ready to Shoot and become more involved with Photography again. 
The Internet has Opened up so many opportunities for Photographers. 
Although Amateurs using just a cell phone now are earning $Millions on Social media. 
Even models taking selfies are earning Big Bucks. 
But 99% of them are not marketing themselves effectively. 
Some get Lucky. Some have a Battle Plan. 
And are struggling everyday and then giving up. 
I want to combine my Photography experience and my Marketing experience to Help People achieve their Dreams and Goals on Social Media. 
I am Now currently based in La Quinta, California.
Outlaw Photography
since the 1960's

Location Coachella Valley, California

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I've been on a Sabbatical and am now returning to my Love of Photography
I'm in the process of updating my Portfolio and New Web pages and  Social Media

I will be traveling the World

But my main Focus will be Discovering Super Local Talent
in My Home Town of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley, California

This page will be updated Often
Please check  Instagram  for recent updates